The Right Dilution and Dose to Get Rid of Those Forehead Wrinkles


If you want to look younger, Botox may just be the perfect option for you. The thing that matters when you opt for the best Botox in Orange County is just how many units you receive. Botox is generally diluted with saline, and the dilution rate will determine how much the product diffuses. It is very important that you find a practitioner that uses the right dilution rates for each area in which it is applied.

Commonly Accepted Dilution Rates

How much saline is added to the Botox depends on where it is injected. Guidelines on reconstitution state:

  • 100 units to 1ml of saline for the glabella (frown line) region.
  • 100 units to 2ml of saline for the horizontal forehead lines.

Why Dilution Matters

Studies have shown that there is a clear link between how long Botox lasts and the dose with which you were injected. If 20 units are administered to the glabella region, for instance, 75% of people note that it lasts around 16 weeks. If the dose is halved, however, only 35% of people note it lasting that long. This means that you will need more treatment much sooner than expected.

If you have normal facial muscles and you’re of average build and you want treatment for your forehead and frown lines, then your total dosage should be around 40 to 50 units. This should lead to the effect that you are looking for, and one that will last for at least four months. However, if you exceptionally big or exceptionally small, then the dosage needs to change.

Another thing that you have to consider is exactly which product is being used. The guidelines above are for actual Botox and for Xeomin. Should you be injected with Azzalure or Dysport, however, the units are very different. These products are around three times less strong than Botox and Xeomin, so they have to be dilute much less as well. That does not mean these products are inferior, however, as they have been proven to be equally effective, so long as they are dosed the right way.

If you are having Botox, or a similar injection, do ask your physician about dilution rates. Make sure you ask them, as well, why they have chosen that level of dilution. Unfortunately, there are reports of certain physicians purposefully diluting their Botox too much so that they can earn more money. This is also why it is so important that you properly research the clinic that you have chosen.

Some of the key things to look for include transparency about reconstitution rates and the type of product used, clear links to registrations and qualifications, and overall cleanliness. Your physician should also offer you a free, no obligation consultation to help you determine whether or not the procedure is right for you. You should be under no pressure to decide at that point whether you want to have the procedure completed or not.