Top Tips On Keeping Your Kids Cool This Summer

As someone who lived in New York City for most of his life, the heat has never really been something that I had to be worried about. All of this changed when I moved to Arizona with my family a few years ago and ever since then, it is usually at the forefront of my mind. My buddy Michael Eckhardt Tucson resident like me, warned me of the dangers of the summer sun here in Arizona and it was not until my first 100 degree day that I really understood what he was talking about.

Whilst I do enjoy the heat, one thing that worries me greatly as a parent is the amount of young boys and girls that are admitted to hospital each year as a result of heat-related problems. For this reason I spend a lot of time protecting my kids throughout the summer as I will not be accused of not having done enough as a father, to prevent a death or health problem thanks to this blazing Tucson heat. Whether you live somewhere that suffers this kind of heat or you plan on taking a vacation somewhere hot, here are some of my tips on keeping your kids cool and safe.


My approach to clothing for the kids is to put something on them that covers their skin and keeps them cool at the same time. I like to use breathable and light fabrics which can offer protection for their skin and I will always ensure that they are wearing a hat or a cap when they are in the sunshine. To keep them cool in the house, I usually let them run around with just their underwear on.

Have a Splash

Throughout the summer months I will make sure that I cool my kids down a little with a dip in the bath or in a paddling pool. Just a few minutes in cool water can significantly reduce your child’s body temperature and ensure that they are best protected from the heat.


Dehydration is something that often worries me and so I always try to encourage the kids to take on fluids with regularity. Hydration in your kids also means that their core body temperature is managed so this makes perfect sense for you to keep your kids stocked up on water.


I am still in the early stages of teaching my kids about the dangers of high temperatures and a hot sun but already the message is starting to land and my kids are becoming a lot more aware of protecting themselves from the sunshine when things get hot. I think that educating your kids is a great way for them to understand the importance of keeping their temperature down.

Personal Kit

All of my kids love to carry bags with them everywhere they go so that they can have their favourite toys and books with them at all times. I decided that I would use this to give each of them their won personal kit of things to keep them cool. Inside each of their bags they have a mini fan, a bottle of water and suncream. Having a kit like this helps the kids remember to do whatever they need to in order to stay cool.