Vegan And Organic Marijuana Trends In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been a very fashion forward place, and not only when it comes to clothes.  It is no surprise that marijuana delivery in Los Angeles was one of the first marijuana delivery services available in the state.  In fact, Los Angeles got in on the trend almost as soon as medical cannabis became legal in California.  Of course, cannabis is so much more than marijuana to be smoked.  Naturally, the cannabis enthusiasts of Los Angeles have turned their enthusiasm toward luxurious health foods made from cannabis.

Is Cannabis the Next Great Superfood?

The food culture of California has changed a lot since the mid-1960s, when the Beach Boys rhapsodized about hamburger stands.  California is a vegan paradise, whereas, in many states, vegans can find nothing suitable on a restaurant menu except a green salad.  Cannabis edibles fit the California vegan ethos perfectly.

The uninitiated tend to think of cannabis edibles as weed brownies, which aren’t exactly health food and usually aren’t vegan.  On cannabis edibles sites, though, one finds an array of vegan treats featuring cannabis.  The nutrition bars and elegant fruit gelees will not get you high, but cannabis does give them some nutrients that one would expect to find in a superfood.  Partisans of the raw foods diet sometimes even drink juice made from raw cannabis leaves.  Cold-pressed cannabis juice does not contain THC and has no psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Is for External Use, Too

Not all of California’s vegan cannabis trends involve food.  Cannabis is also an ingredient in skin care products.  Whoopi and Maya is a popular line of cannabis products made for external use.

In California’s cannabis culture, cannabis is not just something you smoke.  It is a versatile food and an ingredient in personal care products.