What to wear on a date


What to wear on a date?

The dating world has become a wider landscape, with many different dating websites covering all the possible niches one could ever dream of. We can now contact new potential partners just by using our computers and smart devices; no need to go out and meet up with total strangers like it was so often the case in the past. But as easy as this all is, we still need to make a good impression when it comes to actually meeting the person face-to-face; and how we dress can really go a long way into making that good impression. So what exactly should one wear when going on a date? Well, let’s face it, it depends on quite a few things…

Be yourself, dress the way you are

Whether you are looking for the love of your life or just looking to get some local booty; the way you dress can help not only to impress your date but also to make them feel more at ease and more relaxed in your presence. We can tell you now that your date might not be so at ease if you are not yourself, so the first thing you are looking for is to wear something you are comfortable with; something that is still you. For example if you are a great rock and roll fan and you generally dress up with Jeans, then just come as you normally are. Sure you might want to make an effort and make sure your clothes are still clean; but the basic idea is that you should follow the beat of your own drum. If your online dating photo shows you wearing those sort of clothes, then your date won’t be surprised when you show up with similar clothes.

Efforts still needed

As previously stated, you are still here to make sure your date is successful. So your clothes being smelly and unwashed might show that you are not willing to put much effort into things. This can send the wrong messages to your date; whether it is a serious one or just a hook-up. If you can’t even be bothered showing some effort, what is to say you will be any good as a boyfriends or as a partner? We’re not saying you have to come in squeaky clean with a suit and tie; as this will make things too official and it will seem out-of-character; but a compromise is a good way to show your good intentions. Opting for smart casual whilst retaining some elements of your personality (haircut, badges, whatever you like…) is often the safest bet. You don’t need to fully betray your own personality but a compromise or two will definitely help.

Physically comfortable

Let’s say you enjoy loose trousers because the tight ones just squeeze you too much and they make you feel physically uncomfortable. In this situation, the last thing you want to do is come to your date with tight trousers. You will look uncomfortable as you will be fidgeting around to stop those trousers from squeezing too hard; which in turn will make your date feel unnerved. So stick to clothes that you can walk and sit down with in total ease; it will make you come across as more confident. Basically this isn’t rocket science; you just need to take a few minutes to think about it ahead of time so you don’t get caught out running out of good usable clothes on the day of the date in question.