Your Guide To Your DIY Home Gym

Gym memberships these days can often cost quite a lot of money, it isn’t just the monthly cost of the gym subscription but there is also the transport costs to get there. A far better option is to invest in a home gym, despite there being homes everywhere with derelict cross trainers and treadmills rotting away in the garage, if you take your home gym seriously and put in some initial investment then you will feel far more inclined to use it. Putting a gym in one of your rooms or your garage at home means that multiple people can use it and from a cost saving point of view this is the perfect scenario. In terms of getting it set up, here is what you will need.



One of the best pieces of machinery that you will need is a cross trainer, unless you have unlimited space, which few people do, then you will need to keep things to a minimum whilst still having something that can offer a great workout. A cross trainer not only offers a great cardio workout but also helps with arm and leg strengthening.


Once again, if we take a look at how best to minimize space and maximize workout potential, a multi-gym is the best item to buy. A good multi-gym should have capability for upper body workouts such as lat pull, shoulder press and seated row, leg press options as well as the option for ab exercises. If you have space then try to find a multi-gym with cables, this allows you to do a whole range of different workouts as which can help strengthen the smaller muscle groups.


The cross trainer and multi gym should be sufficient regarding the larger items, you could place an ab bench in should you wish, using it for both ab workouts and dumbbell exercises. This brings us to the next piece of kit you’ll require, a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells aren’t just used for lifting, they can also be carried during other exercises to give you more weight resistance, ensure that you get a kettle bell with your dumbbell set they offer hundreds of different workouts. Other considerations for your gym should be a yoga mat, even if just for stretching exercises and a balance ball which can also be used for stretching as well as ab exercises.

When setting up your home gym, it is important to make it feel like a gym and not just some place where you have put a few machines. To give you gym the ambience it needs, fill the wall with posters of different workouts or inspiring photos. You should also get a stereo in the gym so that you can blast the music whilst you burn, If you really want to push the boat out then you could put a TV in the gym area and use it to watch music videos whilst you workout or even to watch workout videos to help you. Investing in a home gym may cost a bit of money at first but if you spread that cost out over the years that you would pay for a gym membership then you’ll soon see that it is cost effective.