5 Marketing Services that are Worth the Price Tag

With 2019 right around the corner, the majority of marketing departments are working on their budgets for the coming year. No matter what your budget is, it’s important to know what marketing services are available and which of those services are worth the price tag they’re accompanied with.

Here are the 5 marketing services that are worth the hefty price tag in 2019:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Whether you’re looking for search engine optimization in Houston or New York City, you’re going to want to consider investing in this service. No matter what you’ve heard, search engine optimization will always be a necessary part of creating a marketing strategy. Unlike PPC or paid ads, organic marketing strategies in SEO are building for the long term as opposed to the short term. Though you may not see the instant results you are looking for, search engine optimization is a vital part in creating longevity for your business. As you rank for more keywords and build your site authority, attaining new keywords and markets will become much easier.

More often than not, it’s better to hire for search engine optimization than to do it internally. If expertise isn’t your struggle, just remember that you can have a realistic expectation of improvement by partnering with search engine optimization professionals. Professionals like Johnny Chen can teach you exactly what you need to improve your SEO.

2. Copywriting

The bread and butter of any marketing campaign sits on the shoulders of good content.  If you’re planning to be successful in 2019, you need to make sure that your content is top notch. That means abandoning your cheap copywriters and paying the price tag it takes to succeed. Though it may not make sense to you right away, good content amplifies everything your marketing team does. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a copywriter that works directly with your marketing team to strengthen brand voice.

3. Videography

Whether you’re recording your own videos and looking for post production editing or someone to help you film an interview, videography will be important in 2019. Video is quickly dominating everything- from blog posts to sales letters. With over a million people visiting Youtube once a day, you need to make sure you’re getting a slice of the pie. Human beings can consume video faster and easier. Better yet, video is much more memorable to your users than traditional content.

In fact, video is such an important element of marketing in 2019 that the CEO of Hubspot suggested that 50% of what companies are putting out in terms of content should be video. On average, the successful business is putting out at least 18 new videos a month. Even if you can’t handle that velocity, it’s a good idea to implement video where your budget allows.

4. Email Marketing

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Email marketing is dead. In fact, we doubt it ever will be. With all the new tech and marketing services available, one platform has continued to be the #1 online presence that nearly everyone has: Email. Nowadays, email is on your phone in your pocket and on your computer. Which means the easiest way to send a personalized sale to a customer is through email. With this coming year being a big one for marketing changes, don’t forget the classic. Hire professional services if your email marketing is a bit lacking.

5. Chatbots and AI

Though AI may be a bit of out the typical small businesses’ marketing budget, chatbots are easily attainable. Chatbots help your users navigate your site and get the answers they need without needing to search through every page on your website. These can be automated through your website or hooked through Facebook messenger. Depending on how advanced your Facebook marketing strategy, you may opt to just use a Facebook messenger chat bot. Either way, this investment is well worth the energy. If people don’t struggle to find what they’re looking for they’re chances of using your product or service are much higher.


If you’re setting your marketing budget for 2019, consider adding some of the services to the docket. Even if you don’t add all of them into your budget for 2019, all of them will make an impact on your marketing strategy in the coming year. If you’re unsure of which to choose, take a look at what you’ve done over the last few years.

Ask yourself, what has worked? If any of these make the list for what worked, consider allocating more of your marketing budget to it. If you haven’t been working on any of these options over the last few years, take a look at your user’s activity. Try to figure out what your audience wants to do. Do they want the answers from a quick Facebook chat? Are they trying to learn more about the industry you service? Depending on your answers, you can prioritize these services and choose which one works best for you company.

What are you including in your marketing budget for 2019? Tell us what and why in the comments.