How to POS System Joined the Tablet Revolution


While the POS (point of sale) is nothing new, it is only just starting to reach its full potential. Thanks to iPad POS software, restaurants and other businesses now have a truly powerful tool at their disposal. Suddenly, they can place orders, take payments, make edits and changes, run reports, control inventory, run payroll, check time cards, and more, all from a single device that is totally user friendly as well.

How an iPad POS System Can Benefit You

The benefits of the iPad POS system are countless and it really is superior to the POS systems we have grown accustomed to. Some of the key benefits include:

  • That it is incredibly easy to use. The visual interface is totally intuitive and does not require months of training in order to get to grips with it.
  • That it is beautiful in terms of its visual interface. This is beneficial for staff and customers alike, as customers can see HD images of the food they aim to order.
  • That it is far more affordable than the older systems, as it requires much less hardware.
  • That it can come with multiple-use licenses, which makes it even more affordable, leading to greater savings and an increased bottom line.

What Else Does an iPad POS Offer?

The benefits of a good iPad POS system are countless. If you are considering a POS, and you are comparing the older versions to the newer, iPad, versions, there are a couple of key benefits that you should consider. Those include:

  • That most software developers offer exportable data as part of the software. This means it should also be compatible with your current accounting software.
  • That it comes with a range of other applications suites, like a digital menu app, takeout apps, order delivery apps, and inbound reservation systems. This means an iPad POS system is a full, all in one, solution.
  • That it stores on the cloud, which means that you don’t have to rely on third party applications to use your system. While it stores on the cloud, it can operate without internet, simply updating once it is connected again. Plus, being cloud-based, it means that you can access things remotely as well.
  • That you can customize so your system so that it suits your specific business operations.
  • That it is incredibly affordable. You usually only have to pay a monthly rate on the software itself. IPad tablets, meanwhile, are more affordable than ever as well. This means it is a realistic solution for more businesses.
  • That it is suitable for a variety of other businesses as well, including hospitality, retail, food services, and more.

We live in a digital era, where technology is present in every element of our lives. While some people are somewhat frightened of all these changes, the reality is also that they have made our lives so much easier. Everything is more streamlined, ensuring that the human workforce, which is still a major requirement in any business, can actually focus on the customer.