Marketing Techniques Which Your Business Should be Looking to Implement

In today’s highly competitive world of business, there has never been a better time for your company to invest heavily in marketing. Customers can find it difficult to place loyalty in any one particular business because of the large amount of choice and in order for your company to promote itself, find new clients, drive higher sales and increase brand awareness, marketing investment is absolutely necessary.

The marketing landscape has shifted dramatically since the introduction of digital marketing and industry insiders such as Joseph Cianciotto are finding more new ways each year for your business to reach a higher amount of people. Let’s take a look then at the types of digital marketing which your business should be looking to use.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is on social media these days and a smart campaign which is dedicated to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can see you reach a huge audience with ease. The beauty of a campaign on the likes of Facebook is that you can really tailor it to your demographic and ensure that the customers who do see your ads are the people who you have identified as your target market.

Email Campaign

Many think that email campaigning is dead because of the low click through rates which promotional material receives. Whilst click through rate is considerably lower than in the past, 15 % compared with just 2% today, this can still form a solid part of your marketing strategy. Let’s say you send 10,000 emails for example, going on the current click through rate that is still 200 people who will see your products and services. When you put this figure up against the low cost of email marketing, you can see that it is most definitely worthwhile.

Promotional Marketing

Coupon websites such as Groupon are doing a roaring trade offering customers cut-price products and services. You can tap into this market and gain yourself a large amount of new customers, simply offer the customer a one-time reduction on one of your products, let them see how great it is and then they will hopefully come back again to you business, only this time they will be paying full price and potentially be bringing people with them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of exposing yourself to a wider market and can see you make some very strong gains in sales. The idea is that you advertise on the websites of influencers and commentators within your industry, offering the host website a healthy percentage for any new clients brought in through this method. For your business this means that you can not only attract more sales but also grow the strength of your brand because your name and business will feature on popular websites and be seen by many.

These are some of the most successful marketing tools amongst a wide variety which can be used when you dedicate your business funds to digital marketing, they are highly successful and incredibly cost-effective.