Uses And Packaging Through Epacllc


Cannabis Sativa is the scientific name for cannabis which comes under the Cannabinaceae plant species in the flora kingdom. Cannabis is known from different names in different areas of the world pot, marijuana in America, ganja, Indian hemp, hashish in India but weed is the most widely known name for cannabis around the world. The reason why consumption of cannabis give such psychoactive effects is because it contains THC, a chemical compound.

There are many ways to consume cannabis. The leaves and the flowers of the cannabis plant can be dried and then smoked using a bong. These dried leaves and flowers can be hand rolled into a joint and smoked or it can also be baked in cookies. The plant secretions are also smoked and eaten in a similar way. There are both industrial and medical uses of cannabis. The fiber derived from the cannabis plant is used in textile industries as a raw material called industrial hemp.

Coming to the medicinal uses of cannabis, Marinol which is synthetic product of cannabis, is given to the cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to help with nausea and vomiting. Marinol is also given to AIDS patients to increase their satiety and appetite. Cesamet also known as nabilone is another drug synthetized from cannabis for helping cancer patients in various side effects of chemotherapy.

Besides cancer and HIV/AIDS various athletes and bodybuilders also consume cannabis to help them with muscle spasms and severe pain. One particular area in which cannabis has seen extreme growth is reducing seizures. Many countries and states have already passed bills to legalize the use of marijuana to make CBD oil to help with Dravet Syndrome patients. Dravet Syndrome is a medical condition where children suffer more than 40 prolonged length seizures per day.

Now after the legalization of marijuana almost everywhere, like every other medicine cannabis needs to be stored in proper cannabis packaging. This cannabis packaging not only maintains the freshness of the product, but its flavour and potency remains the same for months. Cannabis packaging is done with the help of the best packaging printing technologies available.

Coming out with the perfect packaging printing technologies not only took a great amount of research money, but also a lot of trial and error to see which sort of cannabis packaging works the best. The digital packaging printing solution is the best way to build up brand image which is the most essential aspect for small run products. In this type of packaging printing technology printing is directly done onto the packing.

Although the cannabis usage pros far outweigh the cons, but one must take some precautions while using cannabis. One should not drive or operate heavy machinery until the effects of cannabis has passed away completely. Like other medicines, one should not consume alcoholic beverages along with cannabis. This would otherwise lead to impairment of judgement and increased dizziness. Also using cannabis at the time of pregnancy has also been tied up with birth defects.