A Few Key Elements of Modern SEO

Search engine optimization is changing tremendously. Not too long ago, it was all about content. “Content is King!” we were told again and again. But today, it all seems to be about User Intent, social media, branding, and reputation. Unfortunately, this is leading to some people forgetting about content, and not understanding that, in fact, it remains king. In fact, any good search engine optimization agency will tell you that quality content is the most important thing for your digital marketing in 2017.

Content Marketing Is Vital

Content has to become of increasingly high content, nowadays. Nowadays, good content can help you achieve lots of different things, including increasing customer satisfaction and, thereby, your online reputation. What is no longer acceptable, however, is those pieces of content that were clear written using Google Translate. That, in fact, will do the opposite for your reputation and brand. At the same time, however, there are a few other key elements of importance in modern search engine optimization (SEO).

User Experience and Website Framework

It is essential that your website can perform on multiple devices. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • How to minimize your server’s response time.
  • How to stop redirects, so that the speed of your mobile page is increased.
  • How to regularly measure the round trip time.
  • How to ensure JS and CSS files are minified and optimized.
  • How to use gzip compression to reduce your file.

Landing Pages

You have probably heard the term “landing page” flying about as well. You need to have a perfect landing page if you want to be found online and this means there are a couple of things you absolutely must do. That includes:

  • Having a custom URL to publish your page on.
  • Focusing on keywords.
  • Having strategically-placed keywords.
  • Focusing on a good link building strategy.
  • Making sure your landing page is always online.
  • Speeding your page up.
  • Making sure others can share your content.

Video Marketing

The last important element of modern SEO is video marketing. Video is entertaining and a great form of engagement. Plus, it helps to increase your search rankings as well. In fact, it is believed that around 62% of Google searches now focus on video. Those are huge numbers and that means you have to get a slice of that pie. It is also understood that organic page ranks are awarded to videos 50% more often in comparison to plain text. Again, that is huge. It doesn’t mean you should forget content (Content is King!), but it does mean you also have to focus on video.

Video SEO, meanwhile, is very easy to achieve simply by uploading it to YouTube. Do make sure you have some good keywords in the description as well, so that it is easy for Google to find it. Perhaps the next stage will be changes to the content added to videos on YouTube, and how this is optimized for keywords? The future is interesting, that is for sure!