Alternatives to Public Flights During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Let’s face it, traveling around the country and the world has not been made easier over the past couple of years. After 2001 and the creation of the T.S.A, the airport already began to accumulate a negative disposition. Long lines, increased security, and increased waiting made air travel not as convenient as it used to be. Now, with even more precautions and risks involved with the Covid-19 pandemic, public flying has become a burden and even potentially dangerous. However, there are other modes of transportation for those who still need to travel but don’t want to risk their safety at their local airports. Here are three of the best alternatives for public flying that won’t leave you sick or bored to tears.

Cross-Continental Train

A seemingly forgotten but still useful form of transportation, trains have been taking people where they need to go for almost two hundred years. Of course, subways and urban trains are frequently used, but most people forget that trains still cross the country over long distances. Main services like Amtrak can take you across the country for a cheaper cost than flying and with fewer people in a crowded space like a plane. If you have more time to spare and there’s a route near you, a train is a great option to consider.

Rental Car

Probably the most available option, renting a rent-a-car is one of the best travel options. There are multiple rent-a-car options available — including Enterprise and Avis — and thousands of locations around the U.S so you don’t have to worry about one-way trips. Getting a rental car can be a lot cheaper than buying a plane ticket, depending on how many days it takes to reach your destination. If you don’t mind sacrificing legroom for cost, a rent-a-car is the travel option for you.

Private Airfare

A shocking surprise, the number of private airfare users has been increasing over the years — Covid-19 and competition being two main factors. Whether you want to book a bombardier global 7500 or a Gulfstream G700, a private jet is a faster and more convenient way to travel. Hopefully, the price of private travel begins to fall even more over the next few years as consumers see the benefits and safety compared to public transport. Where do I need to get my passport taken? Don’t fret, here are some places you should go to.