How to Have a Great Time in Melbourne

If you wish to travel to Australia or if you are planning some kind of tour then you simply have to include Melbourne in your itinerary. Melbourne is Australia’s second most populous city and one which is absolutely alive and kicking with entertainment, adventure and action. This city is sat right on Australia’s South Coast and not only does it give visitors miles of glorious beaches but also a city center that offers the very best of Australian culture.

I visited Melbourne last year with some friends and can honestly say that it is one of my favorite cities that I have visited. We booked ourselves a private car hire to take us around the city’s sights as we were pushed for time and although we saw a good chunk of the city, I can’t wait to go back and see more. If you want to have an awesome time in Melbourne then here are just some of the places that you should go to.


Great Ocean Road

If you want to do some scenic walking along the beautiful Australian coast and catch a glimpse of some Koalas and some Kangaroos whilst you’re at it then the Great Ocean Road is where you should be heading to. This 243 kilometers of road swoops around the coast and you can take several different types of tours along its surrounding areas. They also offer parachuting in this part of Melbourne which I would absolutely recommend as the views are simply breathtaking.

Federation Square

There are few cooler places to spend an evening than in Federation Square, this area is packed with lively bars, beautiful restaurants and it is surrounded by trendy, art-deco and abstract buildings which add so much character to the place. Fed Square is also a great place to have lunch and they have museums, art installations and exhibitions which you can also enjoy.

Check Out Some Sport

Australians absolutely love their sport be it Aussie Rules, rugby, football or cricket and Melbourne is one of the hubs of Australian sport. If you are in Melbourne then check out what live sport is on, you are bound to find something going on at the enormous Melbourne Cricket Ground or any one of Melbourne’s plethora of stadia. Melbourne is regularly the home of International cricket and also the annual Australian Open Tennis Championship , one of the 4 Grand Slam events in the tennis calendar. What better way to watch some sport than under the beautiful Melbourne sunshine!

Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Center

Melbourne is about more than just the modern and if you want to look back into Australia’s deep cultural history then visiting the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Center is a great way to do exactly that. Take a glimpse into the life of the aborigines, their beliefs, their way of living and their integration with modern day Australia. This is a great way to fully appreciate the building and growth of Australian culture and it is well worth freeing up an afternoon to do some learning.