Top 3 European Capital Cities For Short Breaks

Europe offers the short-stay tourist a whole host of exciting, relaxing, adventurous and classically beautiful cities where they can spend their weekends discovering this incredible continent. The beauty of the European Union is also that tourists can travel between European countries with ease and at little cost such are the extent of cheap flight and train services. From European cruises that take in the best of Italy and France, well-organized Barcelona tours and sun-soaked trips to Croatia’s beautiful beaches, this continent has it all and today we are going to look at the top European capital cities for short breaks.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.


Budapest is the stunning capital of Hungary, set on the ancient River Danube this European city makes for the perfect place for a short break. Many of the main attractions in the city are completely free such as the Fisherman’s Bastion and the museum of classic art and the blend of Roman, Turkish and Gothic styles makes the city an architect-lovers dream.The price of a trip to Budapest is incredibly low and the city offers tourists a range of fun activities from thermal baths in the city center to the stunning Margrit Island where you can go to the zoo or see an outdoor play.


Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is another beautiful destination for you to spend a short break. The city is accessible by by train from the rest of the UK or you can fly into the Edinburgh International Airport directly. Edinburgh combines the perfect blend of country and city living all within its borders and you can experience traditional Scottish culture in an ultra modern setting. The jewel in Edinburgh’s crown is the castle which sits high up in the center of the city, from the castle runs the Royal Mile, a long stretch of road filled on each side with all things Scottish from tartan and whisky shops to highland antiques. Running parallel to the Royal Mile is Prince’s Street, an upscale shopping street with eateries and bars throughout. There is so much to do in Edinburgh and it is a city with unrivaled beauty.


Despite some financial woes in recent years Greece’s tourism economy is still very much thriving and away from the holiday islands, the mainland’s capital serves up quite a list of opportunities for the short-break tourist. Athens is the cradle of Western Civilization and offers some of the most historic relics that can be found in the World, not just Europe. Athens offers an architectural promenade which travels along the foot of the Acropolis, a dream day out for any history fan or archaeology lover. The city has several exclusive walking zones and offers some of the finest Greek cuisine which you are likely to find. Hotels are inexpensive, getting around is easy and cheap and there is lots to do during your short-break to Athens.

These are just our top picks for capital cities which have the charm, activities and amenities that can fill a short-break for you but Europe is filled with interesting and delectable cities that tourists of all types can enjoy.