Top Islands to Visit in the Caribbean

Picture relaxing on a white sandy beach under the shade of a coconut tree. You can hear the waves gently lapping against the sand and reggae is playing in the background. Doesn’t this sound like paradise? After spending a few hours here, you head back to either one of the best Caribbean villas or hotels on the island for a few cocktails. But, there are literally thousands of tropical islands to choose from in the Caribbean. And each one has their own unique atmosphere and vibe. This article describes some of the top islands that you should consider visiting.


Antigua, a former British colony that shares sovereignty with its sister, Barbuda, is famous for beaches. You can find some of the best ones in the world on this island with more than 360 to choose from. There are so many that you can quite literally visit a different beach on every single day of the year. You can find lots of high-class resorts and villas to rent on this island too, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean. The most popular things to do include relaxing and water sports. You can also go snorkeling and sailing in the warm waters. This may not be the cheapest island, but it should be on your bucket list to experience all the wonderful things that Antigua has to offer.

Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise that shares the eastern part of Hispaniola with Haiti. This island has a special combination of beaches, rainforests, and even semi-desert plains. There are also several national parks and a number of mangroves. You can visit this island and explore all that nature has to offer. Most of the resorts are on the northern and eastern shores of the island and it’s easy to get out and about to explore. The former Spanish colony has a rich colonial heritage too and a week or two on this island should keep any traveler entertained.

Despite the tropical appeal, visitors need to be careful when they leave the resorts. Santo Domingo is notorious for robberies and the streets are poorly lit after dark. This makes it a bad place to be after dark.


Jamaica is one of the most well-known islands in the region. People think of reggae, Bob Marley, and beaches when they hear its name. But, Jamaica is also a great place to visit to see some of its natural beauty and unique wildlife. There’s lots of forests and even more exotic birds and animals that live here. Popular activities include hiking in the forest and birdwatching. But, you should always consider going on these trips with an experienced guide.

Another popular activity is to get involved with water sports. You can rent snorkeling equipment to experience the wonders of the marine life that are swimming beneath you. And if this isn’t enough you can learn how to scuba dive and take a few sailing lessons. If you want to relax, Jamaica has some of the best spas in the entire Caribbean. The rich and famous from all around the world come here to relax and recuperate.

There are also a number of heritage sites on the island from their colonial past. You can go on a tour to learn more about the fascinating history of this island. And after spending a day exploring, you can then go and spend the evening sipping cold drinks in the bars and enjoy some of the local reggae and dancehall music.

But, this island has a dark side too. Kingston was the murder capital of the world for a number of years and gang violence happens on an almost daily basis. Whilst you’re unlikely to be targeted and will be safe at your resort, it’s worth considering the dangers. If you do want to explore the island, make sure you get recent information on the safety. And always go with a guide to some of the further away and remote places.


Barbados is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Holidaymakers love this island with the long white beaches that stretch against a backdrop of the blue-green sea. The light tropical breeze makes it a perfect place to relax under the umbrella and wind away the hours. And it’s quite a safe place to visit compared to some of the other islands in the region.

Barbados has plenty beaches, which all have their own characteristics. Some are along the resort area on the west coast or in the more developed regions to the south. If you want privacy, the east coast is the best place to relax. The more adventurous tourists can also visit some of the underground caves and hike in the rainforest. Bridgetown, the capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with lots of interesting things to see and experience.

The Takeaway Message:

You have thousands of islands to choose from when you take a vacation in the Caribbean. Some people like to visit just one whereas others will spend a few weeks hopping from one island to the next. Each place has its own special vibe, atmosphere, and music. No two islands are the same. This is a perfect place for relaxation, water sports, and enjoying the tropical paradise. Do a little research to see where the best places are for you, book your trip and go and have the time of your life.