Where Do I Need to Go to Get a Passport Photo Taken?

If you have found that you need a new passport – for all of that post-post-coved traveling! – then one aspect of the process is to get a passport photo taken. Now this is very simple to do and you can find many private companies who offer a photo-taking service, as well as the Post Office. Using a passport photo service is incredibly easy and you can guarantee that you are going to get the right quality of photo in order to meet with the strict guidelines which are in place for these images.

The reason why we are talking about this is that there has been a great rise in the number of people who are looking to use their own technology to take these shots. Thirty years ago we had no choice of course, but these days people believe that they have what it takes to create their own image. The reality is that the passport photo requirements are so precise, that many get it wrong and these are the common pitfalls which sees these images get rejected.

Facial Expression

It is critical that you take a photograph of your face, making a neutral expression. If you are smiling, frowning or making any other expression then the image is going to be rejected.

Red Eyes

Even if you check to see if you have red eyes from the focus, you may still miss it. When this is observed under a microscope, it will be seen and the passport pictures will be rejected.


People can be forgiven for thinking that digital images have a great benefit in that they can be touched up and tweaked, to make us look better on our passport. This is strictly forbidden and the truth is that unless you are a professional photographer, they will be able to see what has been altered on your image.

Light Quality

One of the most compelling reasons why you should be searching online for ‘passport photos near me’ is that the pros will always ensure that the light is perfect. Not only do you need to have a solid colour in the background, white or light grey, but you also need your face to be properly illuminated in the image. So many people get this wrong and end up having the photographs rejected.

Using a Service

The most it will cost you to have your photos done for you is $20, which in reality is not much when you take into consideration what it could cost you for passport photo delivery if you have to keep paying after getting images rejected. Finding a great service means that you can count on the success of your images after they have been sent and it is just the smartest way to save time for something which is more hassle than it is worth to do on your own.

Make the smart call and use a photo taking service when you apply for your new passport.